ReviewLead: All you Need to Manage Negative Reviews Effectively

Online reviews matter for brands and customers.

Brands need positive reviews to attract leads, raise brand awareness, drive sales, and more. Meanwhile, consumers rely on online reviews to understand if a product or a service is the right fit for them.

With this importance around online reviews, it’s natural to seek good reviews for your business. But what happens when you get bad reviews?

Impact of bad reviews on your business

Online customer reviews affect the decision-making and purchasing decision of a consumer browsing for a business online.

A negative review can drive away 40% of potential customers from your business. That’s why reviews left on sites like Google and Facebook can either retain customers or lead to your business’ downfall.

It is crucial to take care of your online reputation. ReviewLead is an all-in-one online review management and we can help you gain more online reviews, maintain a positive reputation, and ensure that negative reviews are handled professionally.

How to deal with negative reviews

When your customer had a bad experience with your business, you need to pay attention to their concerns. The goal is to give them the best possible customer experience to make them happy and to show that you are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Here are some ways to ensure that negative reviews will not damage your online reputation.

Respond immediately

Replying to a positive or negative customer’s feedback promptly is expected from businesses.

Leaving a negative review without a reply online can drive away potential clients. They will think that your business doesn’t have the initiative to solve the problem and they might have the same experience as the person who left you a bad review.

Monitoring your online reviews will guarantee that you can immediately reply to your customers. But not everyone has time for that, especially when you’re busy with your business.

That’s where ReviewLead can help you. We monitor third-party review sites and alert you once a review is published. The alert includes the review and a link to response so you can quickly reply to your customers.

Be professional

Always stay professional, more so with offensive reviews. Keep it appropriate and be kind in your replies, never reacting to harsh words said, but thinking of what may have prompted that. It’s also important to not blame the customer for the problem or create excuses for the mistake or lapse.

Prevent negative reviews from getting posted

It’s best if your customers have a positive experience with your business the first time around. Since it can’t happen to every customer, you need to keep an eye out for online reviews to maintain a good reputation.

ReviewLead can monitor around 140+ third-party review websites. We can help you manage negative reviews.

Here’s how we do it: we actively contain negative reviews by asking your customers’ experience so bad reviews can be caught before it gets published online. Then we can send a different form for your satisfied customer and customers with a bad experience.

Clients with a negative experience are directed to a form where they can voice out their concerns. From here, you can resolve any problems that your customer has with your business.

Fix the issue privately before it goes online

You can take a customer’s concern offline as soon as you found out that someone had a bad experience with your business. Make it convenient for your customer by asking them where they want to communicate and the best time to do so.

Offer to fix the problem or try to think of ways to get things right with your unsatisfied customer. Negative feedback allows you to show your company’s customer service skills. If you solve your customer’s pain point, you may even get them to revise their initial review.

Follow up and request to remove a negative review

Once you’ve corrected the issue, check if your customer is satisfied. Reaching out to them will make them feel that your business values them and may even become a loyal customer or return positive feedback.

You can also use this time to request to remove a negative review if it was already posted online. Although in some cases, customers will delete the reviews by themself if their issue has been resolved.

Ask your other customers to leave a review

It’s okay if some customers won’t be satisfied with your business, but always try to provide great service.

You can gain positive reviews by offering excellent products and services to the right customers.

ReviewLead helps you send review requests to your satisfied clients. We create an email that is pre-approved by you and we send them to your chosen contacts. With us, you can save time and still build a good online reputation!

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, just manage them right!

Handle negative reviews before they go online and taint your reputation.

ReviewLead is the review solution you need to maintain a good reputation. We guarantee you prompt alerts for good and bad reviews to help you resolve a client’s pain points right away.

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