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Want to get your target audience’ trust? Get more positive reviews from your past clients.

No interactions means no trust. And no trust means no conversions or interactions. A good online reputation affects how you gain more clients. Only 53% of consumers would consider using a business with less than 4 stars, and this only applies to authentic and high-quality reviews.

Consumers are more careful when reading reviews since there are a number of spammy reviews online, so make sure you get the reviews from your actual customers.

With ReviewLead, we can help you gain more 5-star reviews. Learn more about how to get your customers to leave a review for your business!

What does a good review look like?

Nobody can get anything from a review that only says “your product is good”. Consumers read online reviews to know whether or not your business can solve their pain points.

Getting a detailed and specific positive review is one of the best ways to grab a customer’s attention. For instance, reviews that contain what the product does, what benefits they got from it, or even mentioning your staff. These details benefit those who are searching for a service or product like yours. They help prospects know exactly what you offer them.

Get authentic reviews from real customers

Now that you know what a great review looks like, it’s time to get them! ReviewLead is an all-in-one online review management that will help you get actual customer review for your business.

Here’s how you can get the five star reviews your business deserves.

Send a request to your satisfied clients
Not every client will leave a review for your business just because you provided them with a good product or service. Sometimes, you have to nudge your satisfied customers to leave a review for your business.

Post-purchase interactions with your customers should not be neglected. Ask your clients for feedback when they’re the happiest (e.g. after a purchase or a reorder). This guarantees a positive online review for your business.

ReviewLead has an efficient system to help you send out review requests to clients. With this method, we create the message and you simply approve them.

Give your customers an easy-to-follow guide for reviews
Asking your clients is already a huge favour on your end, so keep the process of how to write and leave a review clear.

ReviewLead makes it easy for your customers. We send them a straightforward instruction at over 140 major, minor, and industry-specific review sites. Just claim your listing first then tell us where you want your clients to leave a review. We’ll guide them through the entire process.

This makes the process short and simple. Plus, there’s a lesser chance that your customers will abandon writing a review!

Don’t forget to follow-up
Persistence is the key when you want to grab actual reviews from your customers. But it doesn’t have to be annoying to them.

ReviewLead has a sophisticated messaging platform. We send drip campaigns as a gentle reminder for your customers to leave a review for your business. This email campaign won’t be sent to clients that already left your business a review so they won’t get the reminders, too.

Contain negative reviews then take action
Did you know that consumers who receive a response from their negative review can stay on your site 4 times longer and have a conversion rate of 67%?

ReviewLead separates your unsatisfied customers and sends them a feedback form before things go public. This way, you can respond to them promptly, solve the problem internally, and make your customers feel important as you try to resolve the issue.

Always respond to reviews
Responding to a review increases repeat business from clients and it also shows that you care to improve your business. Whether it’s for a positive or negative review, make your customers feel valued by responding to them at the right time.

ReviewLead alters businesses about reviews left about their company in real-time. This makes things so convenient! Just wait for our alert and we’ll send you the link where you can see the review and write a response.

Spread positive reviews
Promote glowing feedback from your past customers to let them know how much you value their opinion. This can encourage other clients that are also happy with your service.

Utilize your reviews online with ReviewLead. Your top reviews can serve as social proof, and it’s a powerful thing online as it says that you provide amazing products or services.

With our tools and widgets, it’s more convenient to share your fresh reviews on your social media, website, and email signature. You can also use your shared online review to engage in conversations with your customers and potential clients.

Get real reviews with ReviewLead

It’s time to take online reviews seriously. Gain five-star reviews from actual clients using these tips and attract even more leads to your business!

You don’t have to worry about your online reviews with ReviewLead. We take care of your reputation while you focus on other important business aspects.

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