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Positive online reviews are significant in creating a good reputation for your business.

If you don’t have reviews when people search for a product and service similar to what you offer, you’re losing your chances of getting new leads and increasing your sales.

Getting reviews from past clients requires working actively. You need to level-up your review acquisition method or establish one if you don’t have it yet.

With ReviewLead, we can help you gain more positive reviews so you can attract more potential customers, increase sales, generate more traffic to your website, and get your brand known to your target audience.

Online reviews boost your sales: that’s a fact

Online reviews matter whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce business. The lack of positive customer feedback can hurt your reputation and search ranking which can affect how leads can find your business online.

According to BrightLocal’s Online Reputation Management Survey, a positive reputation helps in gaining consumers’ trust, converts searchers to leads, and boosts local search rankings.

Positive online reviews do the selling for your business since it has a great impact on purchasing decisions. Around 91% of customers say positive reviews make them more likely to choose a business.

Get good client reviews online

Ready to start getting more positive client reviews for your business? Here are some strategies that you can use:

Ask your clients at the right time
Don’t be afraid to send review requests to your clients. Around 76% of consumers are willing to write a review when simply asked.

The best customers to ask are people who have recently interacted with your business or the ones that had a great experience with your business. We recommend using email for review requests because 91% of buyers check their email daily.

Before asking them, make sure that they received and used the products first! Here are some ways to find out when it is the right time to send requests to ensure that your customers are ready to give positive feedback:

  • When a customer has praised your product or service through email or social media.
  • When they posted a photo of your product or tagged you in a post.
  • When a consumer re-purchased or re-ordered.
  • When past customers are going back to your website.
  • When they refer your brand to another person.


ReviewLead can help you implement a steady tactic to have timely and positive reviews for your business. We send pre-approved emails for review requests and follow-ups on your behalf.

Resend review requests to clients

Customers often forget to leave a review once they receive the product. But this doesn’t mean they won’t leave a review when you ask them. Some consumers just need to be reminded about review requests.

ReviewLead offers a sophisticated messaging platform. We write short custom emails and send them to your customers who have not left a review yet. This saves your customers’ time and won’t disturb all your contacts.

Make the process convenient for your clients

Not all customers know how to navigate on a review site. Consumers’ time is valuable, so make it easy for them to leave reviews for your business.

One of the common reasons why consumers haven’t left you a review maybe because they don’t know how to or didn’t know where to write one.

ReviewLead makes it easy for your customers. We will give them step-by-step instructions at any review site of your choice to ensure that they won’t get confused.

Add a review section on your website

Make sure that searchers and customers alike can see your reviews on your website. Creating a section that promotes positive client reviews may encourage your past customers to leave a review.

A review section on your website also makes it easy for searchers to see if your product and services fit their current needs.

Respond to all reviews promptly

Prompt response is vital for a positive online reputation. Up to 78% of consumers feel that brands care about them when they receive a reply to their inquiries or reviews.

ReviewLead has a system that monitors all third-party review sites in real-time. We will send you a notification and receive the link to the review once a client writes one.

We also segment clients who had a positive and negative experience with your business by sending them different requests.

People who had a negative experience are directed to a form where they can write their concerns. This gives you time to solve their pain points and earn another satisfied customer.

Share the positive feedback

Sharing positive reviews from your clients on different platforms can help your target audience learn more about the product and service you offer.

It’s also a great way to encourage past clients to leave a review since you are showing that you will value your consumers’ feedback.

Aim for positive online reviews now

Maintaining your online reputation is not an option, it’s a necessity to stay in the business.

ReviewLead knows exactly how online reviews affect businesses. That’s why we created an all-in-one online review management service that can accommodate a variety of business and industry.

We can help you with your review acquisition strategy, monitor your reviews in real-time, keep the negative review of your brand’s name, and more! Just visit us on our website today.


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