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Your online reputation is not just an option, it is crucial for business success.

Even just one bad review can taint your business, so managing online reviews is essential when running a business today. According to BrightLocal’s consumer review survey, 82% of consumers check online reviews for local businesses and an average consumer will read at least 10 reviews before trusting a business.

With online review management, you can control how people see you when they search for your business.

Not getting the result you want for your business? Or maybe you don’t have time to manage online reviews like most business owners? Switch to ReviewLead and let us handle online reviews seamlessly.

What is ReviewLead?

ReviewLead offers a systematic review system for businesses. Monitoring your multichannel online reviews at a glance has never been this easy. And the best part is you don’t have to do any work!

All-in-one Review Management Solution

ReviewLead offers a comprehensive all-in-one review management solution that will help your business get more 5-star reviews, build trust with consumers, and attract more leads.

It’s simple: we do the work while you remain in full control. Our team of dedicated professionals will perform requests for reviews, do follow-ups, control negative feedback, and monitor online reviews in real-time.

Here’s why we’re the perfect fit for your review management needs:

  • We make it easy to leave a review
    Get more online reviews with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This makes leaving a review a straightforward task even for consumers who are busy.
  • We monitor dissatisfied customers
    ReviewLead catches negative reviews immediately so you can communicate and handle the pain points internally. This helps build a better relationship with clients.
  • We control the requests for customer reviews
    ReviewLead performs a target number of requests to provide a steady stream of fresh reviews for your website and other platforms.
  • We can add a convenient review request on your own website
    Make it even more convenient for your consumer to post a review. ReviewLead can provide a widget that helps increase exposure for review requests on your own website.

Benefits of Switching to ReviewLead

Around 80% of consumers depend on online reviews for their purchases (BrightLocal).

ReviewLead’s review management solution will help you unburden yourself a task that experts can handle for you.

Learn more about the benefits of using an all-in-one review management solution for your business:

Use your time for growth instead
About 50% of marketers can’t focus their time on handling their online reputation due to lack of time (BrightLocal).

Partnering with Review Lead will allow you to focus on high-priority tasks and important business decisions. Our team will manage the online reviews from your clients to save time and resources for your business.

Build better relationships with consumers
Asking for customer’s feedback will make them feel valued. Besides, 76% of consumers that are asked to leave a review actually write one (BrightLocal).

Your customers will likely share their thoughts, especially when your company has given them great service.

Since leaving a review can be confusing, ReviewLead developed a strategy to help clients easily give a review for your business. We also send gentle reminders to clients for online reviews.

Raise brand awareness
Online reviews help with brand awareness growth since they serve as free word-of-mouth marketing. Their reviews also increase your company’s transparency for future clients.

Earning positive reviews through different platforms like your social media channels, listing, and website can reach to potential clients. It paints a picture of what they should expect and the value of services you can offer.

Increase your leads
Online reviews are significant for shoppers and influence their purchase decision. A research by Positive Google Reviews Improve Paid Search Conversion Rates said that improving your review star rating even by 1.5 could equal to 23% more leads.

When ReviewLead requests for reviews from your consumers, you can use their testimonials to build your business’ authority and gain trust from your leads/

Improve your business
By gaining more reviews, you can learn how to enhance your products, services, and other aspects of your entire business based on authentic testimony from your consumers. Feedback can also help you spot the mistakes your company is doing that you haven’t seen before.

These things will help your business evolve and continue giving a high-grade service to your clients in the future.

Step up your game with ReviewLead

In today’s marketplace, it is important to build a good professional online reputation that will protect your company and brand. Investing in an online management system service like ReveiwLead will give your company valuable and actionable data based on your clients’ perspective.

With ReviewLead, we can help you get more client reviews, build a good online reputation, and continue to evolve into a business that has quality services and cares about their customers.

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